House Blend = $8.25/lb Decaf House Blend = $8.25/lb Espresso Beans = $8.50/lb Colombia = $8.00/lb Costa Rica = $8.00/lb Guatemala = $8.00/lb Mexico = $8.00/lb Ethiopia = $8.00/lb Sumatra = $8.00/lb *Minimum 5lbs per coffee product Ground Coffee Beans +$0.25/lb
Chai Tea Latte Mix (24lb/cs) = $110.00 Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix (24lb/cs) = $110.00 Monin Syrup (750mL)- Caramel = $6.25 Monin Syrup (750mL)- Mint = $6.25 Monin Syrup (750mL)- Hazelnut = $6.25 Monin Syrup (750mL) - Vanilla = $6.25 Monin Syrup (750mL) - Sugar Free Caramel = $6.40 Monin Syrup (750mL) - Sugar Free Hazelnut = $6.40 Monin Syrup (750mL) - Sugar Free Vanilla = $6.40 Monin Sauce (64oz)- Dark Chocolate = $13.71 Monin Sauce (64oz)- White Chocolate = $14.90 Monin Sauce (64oz)- Caramel = $14.90
TERMS: Minimum of 5lbs for coffee items. Ground coffee available (additional $0.25 per bag). Invoice must be paid prior to order processing or delivery. COD only applies to account with active cards on file. For damaged goods, please contact us within 24-hours upon receipt of product. SHIPPING: Not included in above prices Shipping price varies depending on weight/size. Customer may select own shipping method DELIVERY: For orders within 15 miles from DCHR Warehouse FREE for orders with a total of at least $250. $35 delivery fee for orders with less than $250