Business Tax Up-to-Date *
Health Permit Displayed & Current *
Managerial Food Handler's Displayed & Current *
Employee Food Handler's Current & in Folder *
File Box contains Incident Reports, Fridge Temp Logs, Phone List, Safety & Employee Rights Info, Current & Available *
First Aid Kit Stocked
Employee Breaks Properly Scheduled or Break Waiver Signed for 6-hour Shifts or Working Break (Alone) *
Personal Belongings Stored Away from Food & Chemicals *
Cleaning Products Available & Stored Properly *
Customer Area Floors & Tables are Clean, Condiment Station Attended to, Trash Cans are Clean & Have Lids *
Employee Area Clean & Maintained, Stocked, Trash Cans Clean *
Food Storage Area Organized, Off Floor, Below Ceiling, No Chemicals Present *
Menu/Signs Clean, No Paper Signs *
Sanitize Buckets Towels in Solutions, Espresso Bar Towel in Solution *
Hand Washing Sink Functional *
3 comp sink functional, employee knows how to set it up and how often to wash pitchers, blenders, etc. *
Scoops clean, stored outside of food products and ice *
Muffins/Pastries: rotated, dated, on display and appealing, gloves used for wrapping/prep *
Snacks/Teas on display and organized *
Sandwiches/Food rotated, pulled to front, appealing *
Healthy Picks properly displayed, available *
Labels/Nutritional displayed, in stock *
Product Containers clean and functional *
Espresso Machine & Swift Grinder *
Knock box metal not exposed *
Brewer and coffee grinder *
MSU clean and functional *
Fridges and ice machines clean, correct, temp, functioning properly *
Floor drains clean, no trash under equipment *
Floor mats clean, in tact *
Uniform (shirt, badge, apron, proper hygiene, hair restrained) *
Customer Service (attentive, helpful, multi-task) *
Drink Quality / Presentation *
Task List being utilized, up-to-date, teamwork *